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In The real truth is the fact that there aren’t any bad or good ICO listing platforms. In reality, most of them will have some advantages over the others, that is the reason we recommend trying them all out to discover the right match for the needs of yours. The number of evaluations that users have submitted about the venture. The volume of consumers who’ve interacted with the task, like reviews, submissions, votes, and submissions. The amount of instances the project’s listing has been upvoted.

The amount of instances the project’s listing have been downvoted. The project’s social media engagement. The project’s community size. The project’s technical depth. The project’s market potential. Just how can I check my ICO rating score? You are able to check the score of yours by logging into your IcoChecker account, and then looking at the ICO Listings page. Scroll down to the “Ratings” section, and click on the task title. The “Rating” is going to show today’s score.

Why was my ICO rating score reduced? The ICO rating score of yours might have been reduced due to the following reasons: You didn’t comply with our terms of use. You did not look at the job yourself, which is needed. You submitted too many listings for equal task. The team of the project has increased the project’s social media engagement. The project has a lot of community feedback. The project is well-liked by the local community. You did not list your wallet address correctly.

The project is new, and has very few reviews. You didn’t interact with the job (for instance, comments, votes, submissions). How can I improve my ICO rating score? You are able to increase your score by doing the following actions: Review the task yourself, by clicking on the project’s page. Develop a submission about the project. Interact with the project’s community, like by voting, posting comments, or earning submissions.

You are able to discover more info about what each and every aspect of the rating score is applied for in our FAWhat happens after I submit my ICO listing? When you publish an ICO listing, you need to enter a valid wallet address, as well as the task name and description. Once you’ve provided these details, you can instantly post the listing. Exactly how much will the customer obtain for his contribution? The price is dependent on the tokens you opt for, and the amount you decide to contribute.

May I choose what percentage I would like to purchase? Indeed, you can choose between four options: 5 % 10 % twenty five % fifty %. Can I withdraw my contribution at every second? You are able to withdraw at any time. However, you will be refunded along with the big difference between your contribution and also the offered price. For example, if you sell your tokens for USD hundred, you’ll receive USD 90 after the contribution of yours. When you desire to withdraw your contribution, you will have making an advance payment, and then your tokens is transferred to your BANKEX account.

What number of tokens I will get if I contribute USD 1,000? It will depend on the selling price of the token you select, and also the quantity you contribute. Is it likely to buy tokens beyond the ICO listing? No. We are just accepting input from individuals who will certainly market the tokens of theirs over the ICO. The next thing is to fill out the Create New Order form.

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