How it works

How it works


Namfreelancer is an online marketplace that connects clients with freelancers who offer their skills and services for a fee. The platform acts as an intermediary between the client and the freelancer, providing a secure and reliable way to transact business.

Here’s how a typical freelance platform works:

  1. Sign up: Clients and freelancers create accounts on the platform, providing their personal and professional details.

  2. Job posting: Clients post jobs or projects they need to be completed, including a description of the work, budget, and deadline.

  3. Freelancer proposal: Freelancers search for jobs that match their skills and submit proposals, which include a bid for the project and a description of their qualifications.

  4. Hiring: The client reviews the proposals and selects a freelancer based on their skills, experience, and bid. They can also communicate with the freelancer to clarify the scope of work and expectations.

  5. Work submission: The freelancer completes the work according to the agreed-upon terms and submits it to the client.

  6. Payment: The client reviews the work and approves it, and the payment is released to the freelancer. The platform usually charges a commission or service fee for facilitating the transaction.

  7. Review and feedback: Clients and freelancers can leave reviews and feedback on the platform, which helps build trust and credibility for future jobs.

Overall, Namfreelancer provides a convenient and efficient way for clients and freelancers to connect and work together, with the platform acting as a reliable intermediary to ensure a smooth transaction.

How To Start Hiring

Start Today For a Great Future

You can evaluate freelancers and agencies by reviewing their Namfreelancer profile. Each freelancer and agency in our marketplace has a Namfreelancer profile. It can include work experience and samples, client feedback, skills test scores, and much more.

  • Be realistic

    Make sure your expectations are both clear and realistic. It’s important to work with your freelancer to understand what can and can’t be done and what time frame it can be done in.

    This is even more critical when it comes to projects that don’t have one specific deliverable like a logo design or a blog post. It can also take a longer period of time to see results.

  • Kick it off

    A kickoff meeting is a great way to talk about your expectations and reach an agreement on them. You may want to discuss what you want out of the project, what the freelancer is going to accomplish, and when you can expect to have it completed. If the project is long-term or ongoing, you should also talk about how often you’ll have check-ins, and be sure to establish clear—and achievable—milestones along the way.

  • Be open to feedback

    Feedback should flow both ways. At the end of a project with your freelancer, consider asking them for their feedback and suggestions. They might have ideas for ways to improve the process, streamline communication, or work together more efficiently.


Making Serious Profit

Manage Your Profitable Account

Manage all profits in one place, keep track of your personal versus and income. business earnings and expenses.

  • Separate Your Personal and Business Accounts

    The most difficult part of managing your money is keeping track of personal versus. business earnings and expenses. As long as you keep track of your receipts, and use your bank accounts as intended, you’ll be prepared during tax time. Which brings me to my next point

  • Speak To Your Accountant

    Have a conversation with your CPA early in the year so you know what to look for when managing your taxes. In fact, if you haven’t already done so, you can use a freelance marketplace to find a local CPA to engage, or check Yelp for reviews on local firms and tax professionals who can get you started in the right direction.

  • Track Earnings, Expenses, and Taxes Automatically

    Finally, be sure to create an automated process to track and manage your earnings, expenses, and taxes. If you have irregular income, as Sethi notes many freelancers do, you can still automate the management and savings of your freelancer finances—that way you know how much you’re really making and how much you should set aside for taxes.


Getting Into Business

Focus on Your Work & Team

So you’ve signed up to Namfreelancer. Here are simple tips to start doing business and get your first client.

  • Start with a Powerful Profile

    Your success on Namfreelancer will largely depend on how good your profile is.

    Your goal is to wow clients the moment they land on your profile. Tailor your profile to showcase your skills in a glimpse and let clients get to know you even before they invite you for jobs.

    Begin by picking a niche. This should be an area that you have experience in. Then ensure that your entire profile talks about your experience in this niche.

  • Send Winning Proposals

    Now that your profile is up-to-date and stands out, it’s time to send out proposals.

    A sloppy proposal will not get you the job no matter how great your profile is. A proposal is what introduces you to the client so it should showcase your skills, and also tell the client why you are the right fit.

    Go beyond what is in your profile and give important details such as what skills you will employ in the job, similar jobs that you’ve done in the past, how much time it will take you to get the job done and most importantly, the value you will add to their business.

    In short, your proposal should let the client know that you are a valuable asset. Your proposal should be clear, address the job and concise.

  • Keep Your Applications Short

    Don’t kill the client with boredom by making them read your uber long proposal. Most will actually skip over it. Instead, try and work with two to three paragraphs.

    The key to writing a good proposal is to keep it relatively short. Don’t beat around the bush, stick to content that is related to the job. Don’t get too excited and put your entire resume on the proposal.

    The goal is to make the client interested enough to check out your awesome profile.

  • Read the Job Description Fully

    One of the best ways to get hired for any job, offline jobs included, is to showcase your knowledge of the hiring company and the position being applied for.

    While as an Namfreelancer freelancer it may be difficult to find out all the deets about the company/client, the job description alone can be a good starting point.

    Get hired by showing the client that you read and understood the job requirements. To do so, you must read the job description fully and understand the needs of the client before sending your proposal. Use the job description to show the client how you are going to use your skills to fulfil their needs.

    If the job description has questions, make sure you answer them in your job application. Some clients will want to know if your read the full job description and will even have extra instructions for this so keep an eye out!

  • Apply to Recently Posted Jobs

    Create your job feed and add categories related to jobs within your niche. Use this feed to find newly posted jobs and apply to them before more freelancers do. This means that the client gets to receive and review your job application before the competition gets too high.

    Applying to recently posted jobs also gives you an advantage especially when a client wants to hire immediately. This means that they are not interested in reviewing tons of applications, but looking to find a suitable freelancer as soon as possible. Clients are most likely to notice the first few applicants even if they are a newbie.



Freelances can select their withdraw method

Please note freelancers should have write their payout account details to get all the earnings. If freelancer leave empty details then system will not create payout. 


Employers can complete the job by going to Ongoing Jobs section and then click View Details button to go on history page and then go to View History Button and you will see the history page where you can complete the job. 

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