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I will write soothing guided meditations for adults


I Will Write Soothing Guided Meditations for Adults

Welcome to this amazing gig!

I have a Bachelor of English Education degree and over five years of writing experience. I am a magician of letters: author, proofreader, editor, and translator.

If you have ideas for your story but need someone to bring it to life? I will help you put words to your thoughts!

I write relaxing and captivating guided meditations for adults and I give you all the commercial rights. 100% passion, 0% attachment!

The stories are focused on reaching the reader directly and guide them in the relaxation process until they achieve a state of hypnosis where their stress and anxiety disappear. The tales will be fantastic stories with natural and magical elements creating a conducive atmosphere to a state of healing and peace.

I deliver a fully proofread and edited product.

I’m more than happy to hear details about your ideas and find the best way to help you. Please send me a message before you order!

Let’s create magic together!

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